Our Service

Meister Executive Search AG is specialised in «Headhunting» since 1998. The direct approach is the most efficient, discreet and usually also the most expedient approach to recruiting hand-picked, highly qualified executives. More than 80 percent of all interesting candidates are not actively looking for a professional challenge. Therefore, a competent, sensitive and targeted direct approach lays the foundation for instilling the motivation for a change. We frequently experience how first human curiosity grows into a solid interest in the position.

We proceed systematically, precisely and discreetly in our market analysis and direct contact with the candidate. Our services are characterised by professional and structured search-, selection- and acquisition processes which have clear project and time plans – creating transparency and guaranteeing success.

Our consultants and research analysts have their finger on the pulse of the economy drawing from many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the markets. The extensive recruiting expertise of our consultants supports your selection of the right person with the required credentials and personality matching your corporate culture.

For market analysis and research, we work exclusively with our professionally trained in-house research centre. We offer recruitment from one source and can therefore guarantee quality, speed, confidentiality and compliance with data protection guidelines. We create a trusting atmosphere for our clients and candidates, which is characterised by personal support.

Our claim: Exceeding expectations through customized solutions, competence and passion!

Steps to a masterpiece

1. In-depth meeting

The cornerstone of a successful recruitment lies in a detailed briefing. In order for a search to be efficient and fruitful, in-depth knowledge of the industry, the organisation, the corporate culture, the main tasks and, consequently, the requirement profile must be acquired. The document serves as a touchstone, defining all the requirements of the role and preventing searches from veering off course. A search strategy is developed and defined together with the client.

2. Market Analysis

Our research centre conducts a comprehensive market analysis, identifies the relevant target companies with a market mapping and compiles the contact list. A pool of potential candidates is formed who, based on the initial preselection, are a fit for the position. The market analysis is iteratively refined throughout the entire recruitment process and enriched with newly acquired knowledge.

3. Direct Approach

Meister Executive Search AG discreetly contacts the most suitable and promising candidates. In case of mutual interest after the first phone call, the candidate provides the curriculum vitae as a sign of commitment and interest. We gain interesting marketing insights also from people who refrain from entering the recruitment process. We can therefore provide our customers with a neutral market echo for each mandate.

4. Preselection and Interview

After telephone candidate checks challenging the main criteria and framework conditions, the preselection is conducted resulting in invitations for personal interviews with Meister Executive Search AG. is conducted resulting in invitations for personal interviews with Meister Executive Search AG. Our consultants closely examine and assess the candidate along the outlined requirement criteria in semi-structured interviews. A positive interview results in a detailed dossier on the candidate which is handed over to the client.

5. Candidate presentation

Subsequently, our clients invite the best and most interesting candidates for an initial personal interview. Meister Executive Search AG will handle the administration and coordination of the interview. The responsible consultant gladly participates in the interview, moderation and bringing our know-how to the meeting.

6. Sparring

The mandate ends with the selection of the preferred candidate and signing of the employee contract. Our consultant closely supports the client and the candidates in the contract negotiations and is available for advice. If requested, an independent assessor will further assess and evaluate the candidates. Meister Executive Search AG is available as a sparring partner for obtaining references, finalising the employment contract and other coordinative activities.

Transparent Conditions
& Guarantee

We work exclusively on a sole mandate basis. We are committed to going the extra mile for you and are convinced that mutual trust and work towards a successful recruiting should be reflected in a transparent price model.

The total fee is divided into three parts. At the beginning of the mandate, we are entitled to a basic fee for our extensive market mapping, preselection and challenging interviews conducted by the consultant. The two subsequent fees are linked to the successful progress of the mandate. The second fee is only due once the clients invite the first qualified candidates to an interview. Lastly, upon signature of the employee contract, our clients remunerate the success fee for completing the recruitment process.
Our fees are based on simple and transparent terms and conditions. A fixed fee is set at the beginning which, thanks to our many years of experience, is based on the estimated effort and complexity of the assignment. We also offer our clients a double guarantee: we keep searching systematically until the ideal person is found and, if necessary, guarantee a replacement free of charge.

Our clients are protected! Meister Executive Search AG commits to not approach any employees from clients.