Meister Executive Search AG

Meister Executive Search AG is specialised in «Headhunting» since 1998. The direct approach is the most efficient, discreet and usually also the most expedient approach to recruiting hand-picked, highly qualified executives. More than 80 percent of all interesting candidates are not actively looking for a new professional challenge. Therefore, a competent, sensitive and targeted direct approach lays the foundation for instilling the motivation for a change. We frequently experience how first human curiosity grows into a solid interest in the position.  

Why Meister

Put simply, we have a passion for people and because with us searching constantly ends in finding the right candidate for you!

Meister Executive Search AG offers an unparalleled service. We combine years of long standing expertise and absolute discretion with innovation and flexibility. Each assignment follows a proven process, which is tailored to the needs of our clients in order to do justice to the uniqueness of each search.

We aim to introduce to our clients the hand-picked selection of candidates most suitable for the given task. To make sure we find the perfect match, we immerse ourselves with the company, its history, culture, market environment, products and services, organisational structure, processes and economic situation as well as objectives and strategies. We further analyse and evaluate the position to be filled in terms of the range of tasks and areas of responsibility as well as the contribution to the achievement of corporate goals.
Based on our understanding of the position and drawing upon our cross-industry knowledge and experience in the management and design of benchmark organisations, we elaborate the company, position and requirement profile.
We place particular importance on being at the forefront of progress and improve constantly. We work solely on an exclusive mandate basis and put quality first. Since we have our own research centre, we can manage and control the recruitment process from A to Z. This guarantees our independence and ensures highest quality throughout the entire process. While we primarily recruit in Switzerland, we are part of a first-class international network. As member of the CFR Global Executive Search Network, we can ensure our high standard of quality also for international recruiting mandates.


Ashton Eaton, world record–holding decathlete, ran the 100-meter sprint in a decathlon competition in just 10.21 seconds. Without question, a phenomenal achievement. However, is it comparable to the world record for the mere 100-meter sprint set by Usain Bolt at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics? Not in our point of view.

Much like in this example, specialisation outperforms generalisation in other areas as well. In our opinion, this holds also true in the area of personnel recruitment. We concentrate on our core strength, headhunting. Our focus is on recruiting through a direct approach. In this way, we bundle our forces and deliberately do not engage in other HR disciplines such as assessment centres, outplacement and personnel placement.



Meister Executive Search AG was founded in 1998 and has grown steadily since then. Over the years, we have been able to recruit managers for a wide range of diverse customers from all sectors. As a result, we have a widespread, well-maintained network and maximum search coverage for specific search assignments. The three central locations guarantee geographical proximity and flexibility for the further development and maintenance of this close-knit network.



Numerous longterm collaborations have resulted in trust-based partnerships with our clients, which are our greatest pride. We always strive for longstanding cooperation and are happy to share all our know-how with our customers. Due to our close exchange with our clients and the long and cooperative relationship, we can easily detect risks or where a problem could lie and provide corresponding assistance.


Global Recruiting

Thanks to our membership in the CFR Global Executive Search network we can also great connections beyond national borders. We have an excellent network and presence in over 30 countries and are happy to support our customers in international and global recruiting assignments.



We are an owner-managed company with an in-house research centre. This provides us with independence from external influences and guarantees our full dedication to the specific needs and demands of our clients.